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                        Wuxi Hailijin Textile Co., Ltd.

                        Wuxi Hailijin Textile Co., Ltd., Yixing Baili Textile & Dyeing Co., Ltd., established in  1989, is a Shareholding cooperative enterprise and is located in the eastern suburb of Heqiao Town, Yixing City in Jiangsu Province. It has convenient transportation with Taiwu in the east, Wuxi and Shanghai in direct access, Nanjing in the west, Hangzhou in the south, Changzhou and Jiangyin in the north, and delightful environment in all  seasons...

                          To celebrate the company'

                        ADD:NO.333 Goose state North Road of Heqiao Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China
                        Tel:+86-510-87803881 ; 87809333
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